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Employee Happiness

Looking after your employees

Employee Coaching 1:1

Every employee is different and some need extra time and support to get into their stride and fulfill their potential.

I can work with you and your managerial or HR team to support individual employees that could benefit from coaching.

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Employee happiness & wellbeing

Do you know what your employees value? Are your external brand and your employer brand in sync, or are you sending mixed messages? 

Your employees take care of your business so it's important to take care of them.

From recruitment, through the first 90 days and beyond, your employees go on a journey with you - and that journey determines how motivated and successful they are and ultimately if they choose to stay. 

From recognition programmes to company culture & values, I can help you build an employee happiness strategy that brings out the best in your teams and positively impacts your business.

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Speaker sessions & wellness workshops

Many businesses now provide dedicated time for employee wellness. Whether it's a motivational keynote speaker session at your town hall meeting or an afternoon workshop on building healthy habits, I can provide a range of options that can be tailored to your team.

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