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What is Happiness Coaching?

Never worked with a Happiness Consultant before? No problem.

Happiness coaching is similar to any other kind of coaching, except we talk about your values, characteristics, habits, relationships, limiting beliefs - anything that shapes your day-to-day life, at home or at work.

I have developed my signature 'CALM Method' to take you from feeling frazzled to confident with a renewed zest for life.

By focusing on what happiness looks like to you as an individual, we take a look at what is getting in the way and how you can make positive change.

We work together over a series of sessions (from 1hr to 90 mins) and are run virtually by video or audio call, or in-person face to face.

Happiness coaching is absolutely not therapy and is not a substitute for working with a psychologist or therapist.

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What is Happiness Consulting?: How It Works

What is the CALM Method?

The CALM Method is a framework that I use to help you uncover what needs attention and how things need to change in order to create the life you want. 

By using the CALM Method you will gain back control of your life, be confident to take action and begin to love life again by finding motivation and purpose and realistically manage your time and your needs.

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Image by Ameen Fahmy
What is Happiness Consulting?: How It Works

Client Testimonials

From the start Sophie made me feel very relaxed - she is super friendly and it made me feel like I could really talk to her easily.
She gave me to brilliant tips to focus on and she even took the time to check in on me a week after our session. I highly recommend Sophie for coaching.

Amber - Coaching

I feel I've got something from the session already. It was good to get perspective on my situation and I found it really useful - I feel like some weight has been lifted! I've started introducing boundaries with my work/life, thinking before I say yes, and creating schedules for the next quarter.

Abi - Coaching

What is Happiness Consulting?: Testimonials
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