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Happiness Coaching for a happier you

Preventing burnout in individuals, employees & business owners.

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Hi, I'm Sophie! 

I help busy, stressed and high functioning individuals to take back control and better manage their work & personal life to prevent burnout. 

I also specialize in supporting businesses with their employee experience, through developing and delivering an employee happiness strategy.

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Working with me

For individuals, using my signature CALM method, I help you get clearer on your needs and values to reduce overwhelm that ultimately leads to burnout. 

For businesses, I use the CALM method to help senior leadership and HR teams to understand their employee's needs and help look after their wellbeing in a way that is practical and manageable. Happy employees are engaged employees!

Read about my story...

Personal Happiness Consulting

Is your most common phrase, "I just don't have the time,"... but you always seem to be helping others and never have time for yourself?

  • Are you taking on too much and always saying yes?

  • Do you feel a lack of support at home or at work?

  • Are you struggling with imposter syndrome and feel like you're not good enough?

Through working with me using the CALM method you'll gain clarity and control over what you need to consciously create better boundaries in your life. 

This allows you to make decisions that are in closer alignment with the life you want, and feel motivated to spend time and energy on what makes you happy, either in or outside of work.

How does happiness coaching work?

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Corporate Happiness Consulting

Are your team happy, productive and engaged? Do you know what motivates them, what they value, and what makes them stay?

Employee wellbeing and happiness is directly linked to business success - it's important to invest in your people as much as your product or technology.

As a business, it can be hard to know where to start or what you can provide for your employees and using my CALM method I can support you in supporting your people to be confident and motivated.

Learn more about Employee happiness.

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Common things I help with...

Feelings of self-doubt & insecurity at work
Being overwhelmed by responsibility or a lack of support
Neglecting your own needs & putting others first
A lack of purpose or direction in life
Pressure caused by perfectionism
Employee disengagement
Employee experience
Company culture renovation
Wellbeing maintenance & management

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